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LinkedIn’s Female Executives Beating Facebook


I’m not sayin’… but, I’m just sayin’…

Quick post to share two interesting articles that crossed my path today. First was one in Inc Magazine with the eye-catching headline “How LinkedIn Is Beating Facebook.” Primarily, this statement was based on looking at the two companies’ year to year growth.

Chart - Source: Facebook's 2012 10K, LinkedIn 4Q12 Press ReleaseSource: Inc.com, Facebook’s 2012 10K, LinkedIn 4Q12 Press Release

Why is LinkedIn doing so well? According to the column’s author, “… it comes down to business fundamentals. LinkedIn has a better business model, is less vulnerable to competition, and has better (i.e. smarter and more mature) management.”

But, could there be more to it?

Another story today from Forbes notes “LinkedIn Boasts Highest Ratio of Female Executives in Silicon Valley,” with the addition of their fourth female executive team member.

“It has often been said that ‘we cannot be what we cannot see.’ Today, LinkedIn shows us that even traditionally male-dominated tech companies can change the ratio at the highest level,” wrote contributor Leslie Bradshaw.

Jack Zengerand and Joseph Folkman drew a lot of attention on the Harvard Business Review blog last year when they asked “Are Women Better Leaders than Men?“ Their study indicated women are rated higher in 12 of the 16 competencies that go into outstanding leadership. And later in the year, a Dow Jones VentureSource study suggested venture-backed companies with more females on their executive teams are more likely to be successful than companies with less female executive representation.

Girl power! :-)

It makes me very optimistic for the success of my own employer since Dell made its debut among the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women by the National Association for Female Executives, which recognizes U.S. companies for commitment to female leadership!

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