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20 Percent of Kindergarten-2nd Graders Own Cell Phones. Really?


Only 47 percent of high school students believe schools are doing a good job leveraging new technologies to enhance learning.

That was one of the results of the Speak Up 2010 survey of almost 300,000 students, 43,000 parents, 35,000 teachers, 2000 librarians and 3500 administrators from more than 6500 private and public schools.

It’s one I take with a huge grain of salt when I also see that students’ main complaints were around blocking of certain websites and inability to use their mobile phones. I’m definitely in Shel Holtz’s court when it comes to fighting for corporations to stop blocking for their employees, but have no problem with my kid’s school doing it. Call me a hypocrite if you will.

What really struck me while reading about this survey, however, was this:

Bar Chart - Parents Would Buy Their Children Smartphones

Not only are two-thirds of elementary school parents “likely” to buy their children a mobile device – which can cover a lot of territory from cell phone to tablet – but the study also found that 20 percent of kindergarten through second graders said they already owned cell phones.


I mean, I consider myself a tech proponent in the raising my child. I not only got her online at an early age, but we even spent time visiting and reviewing many different virtual worlds. But I have yet to see a strong benefit to giving her a cell phone.

She certainly asks for one, but my patent response has been that she’ll get one when she needs one.

Can anyone convince me that children under 8 years old really need their own phone?

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