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Expedition Through Kid Virtual Worlds Continues


In case you missed previous posts about it or the little badge down there on the bottom right of this site, I also contribute to the This Mommy Gig blog. I connected with the site’s founder on Twitter and found that I shared similar attitudes about motherhood with her and the other founding contributors; so, was happy to take them up on an invitation to join.

Lately, I’ve been working on a series of posts there reviewing kid-targeted virtual worlds. The latest one comes after my girl and I spent a few hours this weekend exploring Disney’s new Pixie Hollow. Here’s an excerpt:

“…And if all that cross-promotion wasn’t enough, the real jewels in the crown in my opinion are the toys. Sure there have been Disney Fairies toys for a while, but the dolls my girl had already collected are nothing like these new Fairies toys. I’d heard Steve Parkis mention them at his Virtual Worlds Expo keynote and was most amazed at the scenario he painted where two girls could meet on the playground, touch their bracelets together and then go home to find their virtual Fairies already connected in-world…”

You can read the full story at ThisMommyGig.org.

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